The students who want to study in law in the USA are eager to know the best law schools USA. A right school shows you the right track to have a competitive job. But the selection of a wrong school will be the waste of money and time. The top-ranked school will help you to choose the best one and get the legal profession. It is the first step to building a legal career.    

best law schools USA
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What is Law school

The school is the place where a student learns everything for his future and professional life. The law school is the place where the students learn the legal education and are ready as a lawyer. So, who want to be a successful lawyer will study in law in the best law school. There are many law schools in the USA. In order to be a lawyer, a student needs to find out the best law schools USA.

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The best law schools USA

You may want to study in law in the USA. For this purpose, you need to select the law school which is suitable for you(Here Is The List Of All Best Law Schools In The USA) . To make your work easier, I am going to describe some best law schools USA. So, read them carefully to make your decision.

Yale University Law School

The Yale University provides the law degree from their law school. It is in New Haven, United State. The school is extraordinary to study law. The deadline for the application of this law school is 28 February and you need to pay $59, 865 per year. The school provides J.D., LL.M., M.S.L, etc degrees. Though the size of the school is small, it is one of the best places to get a law degree. Many famous lawyers were the students of this school. You need 5 years to be a graduate from here. Besides, the faculty ratio is 7.6:1.  But the school has no traditional grading system. So, the students will find here the credit system. Every year the schools select 200 new students. Overall, you can select this law school as the best law school USA.

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Stanford Law School

It is a school for the professional graduation at Law. It is in the Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, California.  The U.S. News and World Report announce it as the best second-ranked law schools in the USA. Benjamin Harrison, the former president was the first professor of the law faculty of Stanford Law School. Here, there are 50 faculties and more than 500 students work towards the Juris Doctor.  The students can complete the J.D. and master’s degree in three years as the joint degrees. It will cost $58,236 as the tuition fee per year. So, you can choose is as one of the best law schools USA.

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University of Chicago

The law school of the University of Chicago is well known for the faculty. John D. Rockefeller founded it. It is the number three ranked law school in the USA.  The deadline for the application is 1 March. You need to pay $59,541 for full-time per year. Here, you will get several advantages. The professors also provide some scholarships for the students.  Besides, they bring the ideas to bear the studies. So, you can keep it in your mind as the best law school USA.

Harvard University Law School

It is known as Harvard Law. Harvard Law School is the professional law school for the students. It is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school has the large class size and the J. D. program of this school is for 3 years. The full-time tuition fee for every year of this law school is $60,638. The students of the first year can practice law by helping the musicians to make them understand the copyright laws. Besides, the older students can practice in Harvard Law School’s legal clinic.

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Columbia Law School

It is one of the best law schools USA. It is a professional graduate law school of the Columbia University. Besides, it is the member of the Lvy League. It is regarded as the five ranked law school of USA. Many elite peoples were the students of this law school such as John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, etc. the application deadline of this school is 15 February. The full tuition fee for every year for a student is $65,260. Besides, each class contains 400 students. Moreover, a student can also do the joined degree program here. The special programs of this law college also help the students to get specific placements. Besides, the students can live in the university housing at New York City.

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Finally, I think, this article will help you to choose the best law schools USA. To be the best lawyer, a student needs the best law school. In America, there are many law schools offering the graduate degree in law. Among them, these top ranked five schools are the best.

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