Do you want to open a lot of Gmail accounts with a phone number? Create google account without phone number You are searching for it. I will share with you today how many Gmail accounts you can open with a phone number. Let’s start now.

Here Is The Two Method about Create Google Account Without Phone Number:

Method One:

⇒ First of all, you can create your own Gmail account in the same way that you open a Gmail account. Here you can use your phone number or old Gmail account. It is better for me to use your number because you use your old Gmail account. Verify your mobile number.

⇒ Once the account is created, login to your newly created Gmail account and go to the My Account Option. Notice the following picture:

create new gmail account.jpg

Now go to Personal info & Privacy ⇒ Your Personal Info option. See the picture below.

create gmail account.jpg

⇒ After going to the option, you can see the details of the Gmail account you create. In order to edit the phone options from within, you will need to delete the phone number you have added.See the picture below.

create google account without phone number.jpg

create google account without phone.jpg

 After removing this number you will be able to open more Gmail account. This number will now be known as Google’s new number.

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So far, we have learned the first method of create google account without phone number. Now we will know more about how to add a phone number without using a phone number and using a phone number can open many Gmail accounts.


Method Two:

In this way, we can easily open a lot of Gmail accounts with the help of a phone number. This can also create google account without phone number. Let’s start,

 If you want to open Gmail in this method you will have to go to this link first and enter your phone number. After entering the phone number, click the next button. Notice the picture below.

create gmail account without mobile number.jpg

⇒ Google will send a link to the phone number that you entered after clicking on the next button. You need to create a Gmail account with all the information on that link.


Through this writing we have learned how to create google account without phone number. However, the above two methods have a problem. If you have created a Gmail account in this method then the Gmail account that you created the first Gmail account will be used for any significant purpose. Please, and the rest of Gmail can be used for any type of work, because it is a complete Blackhat Method.

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