There are so many places in the United States where you can find gold nuggets easily. There are some places in the Southeast and most of the western states have been producing the gold nuggets over the year. In those places, you can also use sluices, suction dredges, pans or metal detector to find  gold nuggets. Here are five states in the United States. Which is known as the historically rich mining states and where the gold nuggets are still can be found on a regular basis.

Find Gold Nuggets Easily
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Here Is The Description About Which The Best States to Find Gold Nuggets Easily In USA:


Recently, it’s not secret that the Alaska is one of the best states to find  gold nuggets. There are so many districts in this state which are referred as the rich gold district and a few of those districts are producing exceptionally large gold nuggets today. So, you search here to find the gold nuggets easily.

The most popular place to find  gold nuggets easily is the Anvil Creek at Nome, where hundreds of places are waiting to be found the gold nuggets. The biggest nugget have been found in the Swift Creek near the Ruby, Alaska. Some of the other places also including Mores Creek, Gones Creek, the water around Fairbanks and Fortymile district near the town of Chicken.


California is another rich state to find  gold nuggets easily. In fact, for over 150 years, there has been active mining here in the California. Certainly, all the gold nuggets are not gone. It’s may not logical also. In 2015, there is a exceptionally large gold nuggets was found using a metal detector. The weight of the nuggets was over 5 pounds. It was named Butte “Nugget” and unearthed in the Butte Country.

There are three districts region in California to find gold nuggets easily. That are Siskiyou and Trinity Mountains, Sierra Nevada Mountains and parts of Majave Desert in Southern California. So, this is a very good prospect to find gold nuggets easily.


There are so many places in the Arizona that produce the gold nuggets and these are also a good detectable ground. So, Arizona may the best place to find gold nuggets easily. There are several places in Arizona to find the gold nuggets including Yavapai, Maricopa or Mohave. But most of the places in southern or western Arizona is the potential prospect to find the gold nuggets easily.


The Navada state is the largest gold producer in the United States. This is still a good stocks of gold nuggets. And also a best country today to research about the gold nuggets. Most of the gold comes from a few large open-pit mines are located in the central or northern Navada. These mines don’t produce nuggets but it requires cyanide leaching to extract. So, Navada is the best prospect to find the gold nuggets easily.

There are so many isolated district here to find the nuggets including Elko, Humboldtor or Pershing. The most popular place to find the gold nuggets easily is the Rye Patch in Pershing country. East of Majuba Mountain near the Rye Patch Reservoir is the rich place for gold nuggets and countless nuggets can be found here.

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While Oregon doesn’t get the much attention of gold miner correlated to other but it also a good places to find the gold nuggets easily. It has been a state which have unearthed many large gold nuggets.

Both the southwestern and eastern Oregon has been producing good size gold nuggets. In Oregon, gold comes from two areas- southwest Oregon around the Grand pass, Medford and the south to the California border. The Applegate, Rogue or Illinois are best gold bearing rivers in the Oregon. There are some places in the Oregon where the gold is mined including eastern Oregon, Althouse Creek, Baker City around John Day and east towards the Idaho border.

The above five states are the good prospect for you to find gold nuggets easily. Many professional gold miners are finding very good gold nuggets each year in those states. It’s may more challenging to find out a new area that haven’t been mined but still there is a possibilities to find the gold nugget from the area which is already worked by old-timers. Because of this is, there may missed nuggets there.

So, you make a plan, start your research and try working hard, if everything is ok and you get your luck in favor, you will be certainly able to find gold nuggets easily.

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