Before start writing about the best free image resources for artists-copyright free image stock, let’s take a look at the copyright law in the US, states that-

“To be copyrightable, a derivative work must be different enough from the original to be regarded as a new work or must contain a substantial amount of new material. Making minor changes or additions of little substance to a preexisting work will not qualify the work as a new version for copyright purposes. The new material must be original and copyrightable in itself.”(Source)

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Everyone wants to protect the works from the theft. What do you do when you need an images to use in your next work?

You may pick an image at random. And work with it a little to make sure you are not stepping to infringing on the artist’s right.

Now, this is a great news for them who are looking for  using free images from the internet or looking for free image resources. There are so many website that have loads of images with flexible licenses. And which allows you to use their images without the hair-pulling restriction.

Here Is The Popular Free Image Resources Website:


One of the largest and oldest website for the free image resources is morgueFile. You will may be enlighten knowing that the website archive has over 250,000 images royalty-free and that are subjected to a flexible licenses. Even, they are allowing you to use their images for commercial use also (as long as you do something creative with those). The website is so clean and very feasible to use you try.


There are an other website for the free image resources is stock.xchng. They has been for a long time and gathered nearly half a million of images in their stocks. Recently, they are bought by Getty Images and they also own a microstock site- iStockphoto. So, periodically when you will click an images, it will take you off the stock.xchng and onto the iStock. Overall, the navigation is well straight forward and the license information is quite easy to find for each images.

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In fact, this site is not so lubricated in design in it’s recent state but when you have your pick of over 5000,000 public domain images, you may overlook of the clunky structure of the website. The images here come from the old books that are totally gone out of copyright and the US government sources. So, this site almost very good for the free image resources. Search around the website and surely, you just may find a gem.

Life images hosted by Google

This is another website where you can get unlimited free images. From the website’s LIFE photo archive, you can search millions of photograph stretching from 1750 to till today. Most were not published and now, are available for the first time through joint work of LIFE and Google. You can use these images with care and an excellent sources of inspiration while- in any case.

Ars Publik

The Ars Publik may not have plenty of collections of the images at this point but still you can take the site for the free image resources. The layout and the quality of the work makes the site well worth for visit, you mar explore.

Open Clip Art Library

Rather than the photograph, when you are looking for an illustration, you visit the site Open Clip Art Library. This website has over 30,000 free images that are laid out in a clean, fresh and easy to use site as well.

Public Domain Photos

The website, Public Domain Photos has a good stocks for the both the clip art and photograph. This is a very good website for free image resources. Their photo gallery is very much easy to use and you find your needs so quickly.

Easy Stock Photos

Though  the Easy Stock Photos don’t have huge photos to be much impressed but breadth of the topic is that their photo cover is excellent and simply quite good. The website has the basic Google search and is organized by categories as well. And certainly, you can explore here for free image resources to get specially the quality works.

Karen’s Whimsy

Another website for free image resources is Public Domain Images from Karen’s Whimsy. The website is organized well in categories and leaning more regarding illustrations rather photograph. You can, of course, search here for plenty of exclusive free images.

Though in the, it’s may a little bit harder to find out the download link but the website has many vector & photographic images and responsive search.  When you will view an photos or images, look below for a tiny disk icon. And to right of it, you will have a different download links. So, this is obviously a very good website for free image resources.

The website is slight difficult to navigate in it’s list and it have quite a few quality images to make this worth your while. On the left hand site of the website you will find the search feature, a icon look like a magnifying glass. Here is the direct link to the website gallery.

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everystockphoto is a fantastic website for free image resources. You can search here millions of images over a range of websites including flickr and certainly, you can make here the search about free image resources.

So, here are the twelve website across which you search for your free image resources and of course you are not in the copyright law.

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