To process gold, the team needs gold prospecting equipment. In the USA, there are many companies who provide gold processing equipment. However, gold mining needs a lot of equipment. If you get a list and description of some gold prospecting equipment providers in the USA, it will help you to get the items you needed from your nearby places. If you do not find any product in one company, you can search them in other company.

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Gold Prospecting Equipment Provider in USA

Now I am going to describe some gold prospecting equipment provider of USA.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Sandy, USA

Action Mining Service is the company which was started from 1979. It is famous for its’ Micron Mill Wave Table. This table is very helpful for the independent miners to operate small operation to recover the gold which is very small in size. However, the tables are environment-friendly. They also try to bring some larger mining tables. The AMS is an international provider of wave tables which are used in testing gold at the lab, clean them.

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Gold prospecting equipment provider in Washington

There are many gold equipment providers in Washington. Now I am describing some of them.

West Coast Mining Supply Inc

It is one of the well-known gold prospecting equipment providers in USA. The company is located in Bremerton, Washington. They supply all kinds of equipment. It is the company where you will find all kinds of metal detecting and prospecting things. The team is family oriented.

Packwood Prospecting and Mining Supplies, LLC

It is the company in Lewis County, Washington. Here, you will find all kinds of mining and prospecting equipment. However, you will not find it opened all time. It opens the first weekend in May and closes 4th July.

Black Jack’s Metal Detectors and Mining Equipment

It is in the Accounting in Renton, Washington. It is one of the largest metals detecting and prospecting supplying store in Washington, USA. Here, you will find a huge collection of metal detectors. You also buy the gold pans, sluice boxes, mining accessories and gold cubes.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Montana

There are some gold prospecting equipment providers in Montana, USA. Now see some of them.

Treasure State Prospecting

It is in Gallatin County, Montana. They provide all kinds of mining and prospecting tools. With these tools, you can explore the gold instantly. They will introduce you to the beautiful treasures of the earth. The prices of these tools are also unbelievable.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Arizona

Now I am describing some of the mining prospecting equipment providers in Arizona, USA.

A & B Prospecting Supplies

It is in the Prescott Valley, Arizona. It is a little prospecting store. They are serving more than 30 years. They are the dealer of prospecting equipment in USA. The quality of their products is also very well. You can order here online. You can also ask any question related to finding gold on their website. They will answer you as soon as possible.

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Gold Lady

It is in the New Kingman-Butler, Arizona. The company provides a lot of equipment and also the information of prospector. They also buy and sell gold. You will find here many kinds of blue bowls, metal detectors, gold pans, picks and other tools. If you want to collect the jewelry, collectible rocks, old bottles, etc, you can visit here. So, it seems that Gold Lady is the store that provides you a variety of things.

RDH Prospecting

RHD prospecting is a gold prospecting equipment provider in Arizona, USA. They sell their products worldwide to any prospecting store, at any gold show or to the individuals. However, they provide sluice, header box, prospectors, gold vials, spray bar-clip, etc. If you order for multiple things, they give you some shipping discounts.

Promack Treasure Hunting

It is in Maricopa County, Arizona. If you have any thrust to go to a desert to prospect gold, collect rock, you can go to Promack Treasure Hunting Company because they are ready to provide you all the equipment you need.  There are a variety of tools and you can also get training from here. Moreover, you can take the equipment of famous American brands such as Whites, Tesoro, etc. You also find here a lot of books on travel and mining.

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Gold prospecting equipment provider in California

See the gold prospecting equipment providers in California, USA.

Adventures In Prospecting Mining Supplies

It is in Oroville, California. It is one of the best gold prospecting equipment providers in USA. They supply mining equipment as well as prospecting related video programs. So, from the site of Adventures In Prospecting Mining Supplies, people can enjoy the shows and also order the equipment they need.

Proline Mining Equipment

They are famous for their product quality, customer services and performance. It is in Mariposa County, California. They provide prospecting tools, dredge, gold dredge and other parts and accessories. However, the tools are dependable and make your work easier. The dredge combos are also the best-combined machine.  So, for the professional gold miner, it is a right place.

Gold Pan California

It is a place where the gold miner will find all kinds of mining and prospecting equipment. It is in Concord, California. Here, you will find Highbanker combo, Gold pans, and metal detecting tools and all tools are at reasonable prices. So, make a visit and see their products.

Gold Fever Prospecting

It is situated at in Hesperia, California. All kinds of gold prospecting equipment are available here. The company also provides you mining information. Here you will find gold prospecting equipment, metal detector, fine gold recovery equipment, gold dry washer, gold dredges, and so on. Besides, you will get mining books and videos here.

Make Your Own Gold Bars & Mining Supplies

It is a store in Huntington Beach, California. They offer all kinds of gold prospecting equipment. Their main product is crusher and gold bar making tools. Besides, it is a very helpful company who will give you the valuable advice of business and all gold processing equipment. Moreover, Make Your Own Gold & Mining Supplies is knowledgeable.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in New Jersey

The Gold Digger Metal Detectors is in Raritan, New Jersey. The company started from 2003. They treat the customers as the family members. Besides, the quality of their products is the best. So, you can trust on them. All kinds of gold prospecting equipment are available here.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Florida

Reilly’s Treasured Gold is a company in Pompano Beach, Florida. If you want to be a treasure hunter, you can visit here. Here you will find metal detector, gold nugget, beach basket, treasure hunting books, T-shirts and so on. So, you can start your race of treasure hunting from here.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Kansas

High Plains Prospectors- Metal Detector & Gold Prospecting Supply is a famous gold prospecting equipment supplier in Olathe, Kansas. All kinds of high-quality metal detectors, gold prospecting tools are here. They ship their products to all over the USA. Besides home, they also supply their products internationally. If your passion is treasure hunting, you are welcome here and make a great deal of packages with them.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Colorado

In Colorado, there are some gold prospecting tool providers. Let us know some of them.

Golden Detectors

It is situated in Golden, Colorado. To start a treasure hunting business, all equipment are available here. They sell classifiers, high bankers, recovery tools, dredges, gold pans, and others. There are all types of metal detectors to detect gold, coin, and other. Besides, there is a media room where you will get treasure and mining related books, videos.

Clear Creek Prospecting Supply

It is a well-known supplier of metal detecting tools which is situated in Northglenn, Colorado. Here, you will find all equipment of gold prospecting, gem collecting. However, it is a right place for the beginners. Besides, they also arrange the tour for the eager people who have interest in adventures.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, there is a golf prospecting equipment provider named Streeters Treasure Hunting Supply. It is in Marlborough, New Hampshire. They offer all the mining accessories, metal detectors, gold prospecting equipment, etc. They also provide a lot of books on treasure hunting and adventure. So, it is a right place to the people who want to start treasure hunting adventure.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Ohio

In Ohio, you will find a provider named Treasure Hunters Supply. It is in the Monroe, Ohio. They come with a lot of metal detectors and gold prospecting equipment.  They are the dealer of White’s, Garrett, Tesoro, etc. Besides, you will find a huge collection of antique such as old bottles, rocks, hunting magazines, fossils. So, if you want to sell any treasure, you can contact with them.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Oregon

In Oregon, you will find some gold prospecting and metal detecting equipment providers. Now I am going to provide some information about them.

Armadillo Mining Co

The company has twenty years experience of mining. If you visit here and tell them about your work and budget, they will give you proper advice and equipment. They provide gold dredging, prospectors and pans, vials, containers, metal detectors.  However, when you place an order, they will confirm you by a phone call. Besides, to see their gold nugget display, visit the shop at Grants Pass, Oregon.

Gold Rush Trading Post

It is in Dallas, Oregon. It is one of the well-known gold prospecting equipment suppliers in USA. The owners of this company are Larry and Denise Seith. They started their online store in 2005. However, you can buy gold prospecting, gold pans, claw, dredges, sluice box, highbankers, gold testing tools, recovery tools and so on. Besides, metal detectors of various models, hunting books, gold nuggets are available here. So, visit here and gather some experience.

Belda’s Metal Detectors, Gold & Treasure Supplies

It is situated in Oak Grove, Oregon. They supply all the gold prospecting equipment and also the metal detectors. Here, the miner will find the major brands as like as Minelab, Fisher, Tesoro, Nugget Finder and many more. Besides, the company has 20 years experience in this field. Their customer service is also good.

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

It is in Eugene, Oregon. They are the supplier of gold panning tools which will make your work easy to find out gold. The tools are so easy to use that even a kid can use it. Moreover, the buckets are lightweight and easy to carry. So, the tools give you much pleasure while working.

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Gold prospecting equipment provider in Georgia

Gold’n Gem Grubbin is suited in White County, Georgia. They began their business since 1984. Here you will find the mining tools, gold pans, and other gold prospecting equipment. Besides, they help to justify the gemstones.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Idaho

Global Mining Equipment is a well-known gold prospecting and mining supplier in Boise, Idaho. A medium scale gold miner can buy all equipment he needs from here. From here, you can buy rock crusher, gold processing mill, pulverizer, etc.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Nevada

In Nevada, you will find some gold prospecting equipment providers. Jake’s Mining Equipment is one of them. It is in Clark County, Nevada. Their service is so good. However, there are varieties of gold prospecting equipment here. You can buy gold pans, magnets, dry washers, rock crusher, metal detectors, a lot of books and videos on mining and adventures and so on.

Gold prospecting equipment provider in Utah

At last, we see that there are many gold prospecting equipment providers in USA. They provide all kinds of mining, metal detecting, and prospecting tools in the USA and some also supply them worldwide. So, if you want to start a gold mining business in the USA, read the article. I hope you will get at least a little from here.

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