Google home Max is on the eve to launch in the world. So, we are may curious to differentiate the Google Home Max vs Google Home Mini vs Google Home. The trio of the speakers including all feature of Google assistant allows to make mobile phone calls and so, what’s coming down to is the sound. Here is a brief explanation of the three Google speakers you might care to know while deciding which one Google speaker is the best for you.

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Google Home Max vs Google Home Mini vs Google Home Full Compare:

Rectangle – puck – or?

The home Max is rounded rectangular and it measures in 13.2 inch by 7.4 inch by 6.0 inch. The Google Home Mini is like a bit squashed muffin and measures 3.86 inch in diameter, 1.65 inch high, you may consider the size like a doughnut. In the middle – the original home, measures 3.79 inch in diameter and 5.62 inch height. While, in writing an epic about to Google Home, you may compare it to the Grecian urn that partially collapsed or to an air freshener. It’s with a slanted top and a squat body.

This is all about the size and now, we have a concern about the color?

Well, the Home Max and Home Mini are like partly same as white with a fabric covering the available in light grey (chalk) or darker grey (carbon) while the mini comes also in coral. The Google home top is white with swappable base, coming up with variety of colors- carbon and copper for it’s metal version while mango, coral, violet, marine, and slate (greenish-blue, orange, reddish-pink, and purple) for the fabric.

In October, during the Google events, Isabelle Olsson, the lead hardware designer of Google home, made a big deal on the Google home speaker’s design, saying that peoples don’t want complicated buttons and black plastic in the home.

All of the three Google’s speakers is touch controlled. You may instantly turn the microphone off with a switch, so can’t be eavesdropped on the conversation. Also, you can pause or play music, changing the volume or activate the assistant.

Assistant assistance

The Google home Max, Home Mini and Google Home the all three have the same Google assistant inside. So, may there is no reason to opt for only one over the others. Theoretically, the assistant is assumed to be answer follow-up and conversational question. In extension to the question, the Assistant can tell you about your schedule, weather schedule, control smart home devices and can give you the traffic information. However, since its introduction, Google Home become better useful in the control smart home devices category and achieving the ability of controlling over 1,000 smart home devices. It works with the Nest, an Alphabet company, Philips Hue as well, August smarts lock & so on.

When you leave it the permission, Google Home also can admit your voice by dint of what’s the company calls voice match, so it can call your contacts in place of your other’s significant and handy when both have a contact called- “Mom”.

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You are also able to get the advantage of tasks or skills that let you making the most of the Assistant. Using the Google Home App, when you tab it’s menu button and hit the explore, you will find the offerings from the Netfix, Food network, Sports fact and more. Here, you don’t have to enable the skills to use that but you are to link your account for something like the Uber. At the Google events, the general manager of the home products, Rishi Chandra, disclosed about the some upcoming recent features for Assistant. Also you are able to treat the speakers as like the intercoms with Broadcast facilities, let you send out the alert that it’s the time leaving for school and also circulating the message to all of your home devices.  About the kids, Google hopes the Home will capture the imagination of the kids with content from classic, Disney and original stories along with games like musical chair. You are also able to use Family Link for creating accounts for the tween and children.

The tunes

The Google Home devices works with Google play music, Shotify, Pandora and IHeart Radio. In inclusion to streaming the music, you may listen to podcasts. While Google says that the Google Mini sounds well for the size and it’s 40 millimeter drivers yield 360 degree sound, also it emphasize that it can be connected wirelessly to any speaker built in with Chromecast. While you can use this independently but the sound may won’t be the same as it comes out of typical Bluetooth devices as an example.

On the original Google Home, DT’s Senior Editor Caleb Denison told that it sounds like the Amazon Echo Tap, opposed to a full size echo speaker which is much bigger compared to the Google Home. He said, The Google home over-juices the bass and compressed sounds a bit dirty when turn it up to too loud.

Making up for the stellar sounds in the devices, Google is exacting to go out all with the Home Max. The sound is a real selling point and thus Google wants you to buy this in place of the Apple HomePod or the Sonos play:5 which may expect to have room reading tech like to Sonos. Since the Home Max is with 4.5 inch high excursion drivers, it should be well to do the Bass and louder the volume than the Home. The speaker is generally controlled by DSP (advanced digital signal processing) and about the two tweeters which cover the very high frequencies. By using it’s smart sound, the devices analyze the environment and instantly adjust it’s sound curves to accomplish with the room. Based on the thousands of room presets, the devices calibrate the room with plush pillows and carpeted floors differently than the other with hardwood floor and office furniture. The smart sound also take into account the things like what are you listening to or the time of the day. Google also told that the home Max is enough smart playing similar-sounds music and so, it’s may great offering songs matches your taste.

How much will you par and when you can have it

The Google Home worth $129 and has been out for a year in the U.S. while this can also be available in the Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, French and Germany. It’s now due to launch in Japan soon.  You can place a pre-order for Google home mini today and it will arrive in the stores on October, 19 and can be available in the listed country. The Home Max worth $399 is in wait-list, may won’t be available until December.

Which one is best for you?

So, this is the short description on Google Home Max vs Google Home Mini vs Google Home. Google want you to buy and taste all of it’s speakers as all are very much exclusive. Now, it’s your turn to choose which one is the best suited for your home.

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