Mountain bike riding can be one of your hobbies in your choice list. At a point, your mountain bike tires can get deflated. Sometimes they are worn out. Throughout the longevity of your bike, you may find the tires to be repaired. When you ride your bike with notable frequency, tires can go flat at last. It’s a huge problem for you when you are on the way to ride on a bike.

how to change a mountain bike tire
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That’s why you should learn how to change a mountain bike tire with efficiency. There are plenty of ways you can fix a tire from deflated state. If your tires are damaged internally, you must replace the inner tube. In this article, I am going to share step by step guideline for changing a mountain bike tire.

Here is The Step by Step Guide about How to Change a Mountain Bike Tire Easily:

  1. Place your mountain bike upside down:

While changing bike tire, turn your mountain bike over onto its back position. Keep it in such a position so that the seat place and handlebars are on the ground and both wheels are in the air.  Make sure about a fact and that is about both wheels run freely. For assurance, rotate the pedals with hand.

  1. Take defective tires aside from your mountain bike:

Your mountain bike tires are engaged on the axle with nuts.  You need to loosen those nuts with a screwdriver and remove the faulty tire. You may need to release lever on the side of the tire. It depends on the making process of your bike. Detach the brake cable to open up the pads. Give space for wheels to come out. Use your hands on a side of the tire. Push in and up with your fingers to set it.  You can keep the tire outside of the rim. Use other hand to do the same thing in and up motion with another hand. Your bike tire will work itself consistently out of the rim. When a massive portion of tire wall goes out, put your fingers inside wall and slip it along the rest of the portion of the captive tire of your mountain bike.

  1. Remove tubes from the wheels:

Once you are done with removing faulty tires, you should remove tubes from the wheels. When you have one side of the tire out, you should start this work. You start pushing the valve stem for air input and select a spot on the opposite part of the wheel. You can use the end part of tire iron and detach the tire from the rim of the wheel. Keep on doing this consistently till you can completely remove your bike tube from inside.

  1. Replace faulty tube with a new one:

Now you have two options to do. Either you repair the current tube or replace defective tube with new one. You must put it back on the tire. You start putting the tube over the side of the tire. Then press the tire in the place where the valve stem is fixed. If your mountain bike tire doesn’t come back itself automatically then you can lift it up and over. Therefore, push the rest of the tube into the tire. Make sure that tube should not be twisted up and the valve stem is centralized suitably. Otherwise, nest time it can get damaged in future use.

  1. Fit valve stem at its position:

You need to check that your valve stem is placed straightly or not. If it goes for a small angle then it doesn’t matter. But too much of an angle can harm your valve stem in course of time. So you should fix it correctly. Just hold some rim with one hand and pull the tire. Thus you can have conformation that valve stem is straight with the other. Furthermore, you should check whether any debris is inside of the tire or not. If you find anything like that, then clean them from it. Otherwise, it can cause damage to your future tires. You must remove materials like thrones, glass shards, and metal shrapnel from the inner part of tire.

  1. Secure the tire with screw driver:

Now, you can screw the nuts back on to the axle point and add the brake cables. You should take care about a fact and that is to place your tire in center position correctly. Make sure that your brakes are working effectively. The brake pads should be properly installed and centered correctly.

  1. Inflate new tire and test your bike:

Once you place your tire correctly on center position, and then pump up your new tire. If you are not sure how much you should pump up your tire, then search for required psi 9Pounds per square inch on the wall of the mountain bike tire. You can inflate your tires through two ways. One of them is hand pumps and another is CO2 cartridges.

  • Hand pumps depend on the minimum requirement of psi for your tire. Normally a mountain bike requires 30-65 psi. Road bikes require 80 to 103 psi for their tires.A man less weighted than 120 lbs. can’t afford to hand pump your tire above 100 psi.
  • There is not much room for making error when you use CO2 cartridges for your tire. It requires a CO2 inflator / adaptor to use. It carries enough gas to pump up the tire.

Once you are done in changing your tire successfully, you should test the bike. Run the pedal clockwise and anticlockwise to be sure about its appropriate running. You can tighten or loosen the brakes too. So that you can ensure about that they are in place too.

Final thoughts

Besides having skill of riding a bike, you need to learn about how to change a mountain bike tire. It’s much easier to fix a flat tire and remove a faulty tire with much practicing. To avoid unnecessary hassles on roads, you should have the knowledge of changing a mountain bike tire. After all, knowledge never wastes.

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