We all want to make a fast Facebook account. But how do we do it? Many of us do not know, today we will know how to Create Fake Facebook Account Without Phone Number. I will try to teach you how to open a fake Facebook account without the phone number. So let’s start with how we can open a fake Facebook account and not use any phone numbers.

At the end of this article we can learn what to do:

1. Why do people open Facebook accounts?
2. how we can open a fake Facebook account without phone numbers.

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First, we will know why people make fake Facebook accounts, what does it profit them?

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 You can promote your product from additional accounts. And by promoting this, you can sell more of your product.

Many people take different types of offers from additional Facebook accounts, such as referrals for free recharge or referrals to online websites. The company offers the offer that if you can share the link of this product to your 50 friends’ Facebook profile Then we will give you a fixed amount of commission. Then you use this fake Facebook account The can.

⇒ Many people hide their identity to send messages to someone on Facebook. Many people use their names by using fake names without using their own name, it is usually used to open a Facebook account. It is usually done by the boyfriend-girlfriend couple.

So long as we know why people opened a fake Facebook account, now we will learn how we can open a fake Facebook account without phone numbers.


Step by Step Guide On How To Create Fake Facebook Account Without Phone Number:

  1. First open any internet browser on your mobile phone. For example, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC Browser ETC.
  2. Then go to m.facebook.com and click on create a new account to create a new Facebook account. Click on the button like mark section in the picture below.

facebook account create from mobile.jpg

3.  Now enter the name of the account you want to open. See the picture below to see how to enter the name.create fake facebook account.jpg

4. Now you will have to enter your email or phone number. Now that we will open a Facebook account without the phone number, we will use the email account. And since we want to open many accounts, we cannot create so many Gmail or Yahoo Mail. We will use any email service that will not require a phone number to open an email. Let’s go Let’s first collect email.

For email, we will use the TempMailAddress service. You will find many service websites by typing Temp Mail on Google, who will provide you with such email service, I like the service of TempMailAddress.

To get the mail from TempMailAddress, click on the link below to go to its official website on TempMailAddress.


After going to this address, you will get an email ID like the following picture and copy the email ID and use it on Facebook.


5. The next step is to enter your birth date and enter the password you want to Use.

6. Now you will get a 5-digit Verification Code from Facebook, your used temp Mail.

We have successfully opened a fake Facebook account without phone number. We can now use it anywhere. If you want to open a lot of Facebook accounts then you can use the above techniques to open. Only a new email account will be required.

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Follow the steps below if you want mobile verification after working On the top strategy:

⇒ Change your internet browser.

⇒ Try any other fake email provider website. You can read the article related to the website by providing a fake email id here.

⇒ Try With VPN. You can use ZenMate Free VPN.

Clear Your Internet Browser History.

Last One Mthode:

• First, you need to clear the data of the Opera mini internet browser.

• Download the Donkeyguard Android app from the Google Play Store now. There is no need to install a new one if installed.

• Please change the values of Device Id & Change Android IMEI.

• You can easily change your Device ID and Android IMEI with Device ID Changer Apps.

• Now you have to change your phone’s IP. To change the IP, you have to disconnect your phone’s internet connection and reconnect.


In this way, when you create a Facebook account, follow each and every Facebook account. You can easily open a fake Facebook account.By following all the strategies I have hoped, you can open a Facebook account and no one will have to say for today. How To Create Fake Facebook Account Without Phone Number.

Note: The method here is the only Educational Purpose. If there is any crime done by using the Show method here, then the website authority will not be responsible for it.

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