Here is the details on page SEO check List 2018 Google update which leads you improve your site performance and rank higher your website in the SERPs. The on page SEO is implemented directly on the website pages or content to drive more traffic on the website and grab the higher position in the search engine result pages (SERPs). So, here is question, how you implement the on page SEO for your website?

On page SEO check list
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On Page SEO Check List Details:

SEO plugins

Set up of a SEO plugins for your post plays an important role for the on page SEO. This plugins will helps you properly set up meta keywords, title or description which is very much considerable to search engine to find your post and rank your post pretty much quickly. For the content management system, we suggest to use the “All in one SEO plugin” or “Yoast plugin” which is the best plugins to help you.


Keyword in the title and description

Set up of keyword title and description is very much essential factor to rank your keyword. The keyword title should be kept between 45-60 characters and the description should be kept between 145-160 characters which works best for the search engine result pages.

Keyword research

It’s very important to perform a keyword research to have the exact keyword related to your service so your website is more appealing in the free or organic search result and to have good rank to search engine. There are so many tools to research your keyword such as Google keyword planner, Kwfinder, Ubersuggest, Semrush etc. You can use any of those for this purpose.

Header optimization

Optimize your header tag properly to rank higher your website, it’s very much important and essential. Use the header tag specially H1 maximum one time and afterword, use the H2-H6 tags as needed.

Clean and SEO friendly URLs

We may seems to ignore the importance of clean and SEO friendly URLs as this is actually not a largely effected ranking factor but, the SEO friendly URLs certainly affect the CTR. Sometimes, before clicking on the pages, visitor examine the URLs structure and try to guess what about the pages is. So, SEO friendly URLs is not so less important. Here is a suggestion to make the URLs SEO friendly- Do not separate the words in the URLs, use dashes instead.

Optimize your content

The content should be relevant to the title, should be clean & fresh enough and high quality with sufficient length. For getting better ranking chance, your content should be long enough. Try to keep the length of your content at least 300 words while it’s better to have your content over 500 words for better ranking. Please note- in the top 10 search engine result for a keyword, Google have the average content length of at least 2000 words! So, keep this in mind while writing your content.

Text/HTML ratio

The text to HTML ratio can be points out as the amount of texts on a specific web pages in contrast to the HTML codes on the specific web pages. While, this is not a direct ranking factor to search engine but the other factor related to this texts to HTML ratio have the direct effect to search engine for ranking. The text to HTML ratio is ideal everywhere from 25-70 percent.

Keyword density

Keyword density is another important factor for ranking any keyword. The keyword density refers to the percentage of the keywords that is used in a specific web pages in contrast to the total number of word on that specific web pages. The keyword density found ideal and effective when it is kept about 1-3%. Try to use your targeted keywords in the permalink, H1/H2 tags, meta title and meta description, image name and image alt tag and as anchor texts.

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Grammar check

Perform a grammar check before submit your article as the content should be perfect in meaning and use of correct grammar in that. You can use free Chrome Add-on to check for your grammar and thus enhance the clarity of your content.

Check for duplicate content

Duplicate content is totally prohibited and don’t get the ranking on search engine. So, it’s better you perform plagiarism checker software or check with Copyscape to determine whether your content is falling under duplicate content or not.

URL rewrite

Reorganize your all pages as to ensure that your pages are redirecting from a non-www to www.

Image optimization

Optimize your images or logo properly. For this, you must check for image alter tag and title tag whether you have used this tags. This pretty much important for image optimization to the search engine.

Google Analytics

Please ensure set up of Google Analytics for reporting and tracking the website visitor.

WebMaster Tools

Ensure set up of Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tools through which you check the status of your website indexing and visibility.

Page speed

Page speed is another important issue for search engine optimization. If your pages loaded slowly, search engine may crawl only a fewer pages in it’s specific time and also have a negative impact on conversations. So, we suggest to check your web pages speed with GTmetric which can ensure you whether your pages speed is on good level for ranking.


Ensure to implement the Robots.txt to instruct the robots about the how to crawl and then index pages from your website.


Use of sitemap.xml is so important. The sitemap.xml help the search engine towards better indexing and also create sitemap.html for visitors on the website. Here is the standard xml file format you can use-

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<urlset xmlns=”″>





W3C validation

W3C validation is very much important for your content validation. The W3C validation ensure you about the quality of your web pages. Not only that, it also helps improve search ranking and give a better experience to the website users.

Schema Implementation

Implement the Schema for your website to help improve how your pages represents in the search engine result pages. So, check whether you have applied the Schema for your website.

Mobile Rendering

It is observed that nearly 57% of the smartphone user will clearly leave a website when the website takes more than 3 seconds to load and during purchase, nearly 30% of the users will leave from a purchase transaction when the shopping carts is not optimized by mobile. That why, it’s very much important to create a website which gets mobile responsive or mobile friendly to have SEO benefits and a great user experience. We suggest you to check your website with Google’s mobile friendly test to be confirmed whether or not your site is mobile responsive.

Link redirect

For link redirection, use can screaming frog and find 301 and 302 to redirect.

Internal linking

Internal linking is very much important for on page SEO. It help the website visitor to explore all of the web pages on your website through the link juice spread over the website and so, it works as a call to action for the visitors or users to help navigate more pages.

Outbound Linking

Outbound links are often more important for on page SEO. It appears as the Hyperlink that point out to some other website from specific website. It help determine the search engine that the specific website have the quality links. This links also reveals the true popularity measurement, trustworthiness and relevancy. We suggest you to use Open site explorer to check the outbound links for your website.

Broken links

Your links should not be broken. This is fault. So, we you can use Broken Link Check or Xenu’s Link Sleuth to check and fix your broken links.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate helps build trust to users and to search engine with HTTPs. So, add the SSL certificate with your website.

Social Sharing Button

While the social sharing button is not so important factor for ranking but this will help spread your content. So, this might also helpful.

Website Audit

Perform website audit. These are the top most useful tools to analyze your website

  1. SEOSitecheckup
  2. Woorank
  3. My site auditor
  4. Varvy
  5. Screaming frog
  6. Website Grader


This is all about On Page SEO Check List November, 2018 Update. If you carefully follow and establish the steps, your website rank is only a matter of time!

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